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Went Black, Did I go Back ?

Not all Men are created equal that is for sure, I had only tried to date one black guy back in high school times, and let’s say I was very disappointed, the rumors of size were not true for this guy. So, I went on about my merry sexual pleasure way trying guys I just ‘liked” and tried may different sizes, even including a micro penis, I was very shocked when that was revealed, however I obviously wasn’t sizest, and sex was okay. I hate that it sounds shallow, but we didn’t date for much longer after that.

Anyway, back to the black guys.

Years later Mr. Rose and I met this amazing Cuckoldress who became a good friend and she’d often introduce me to some of her Bull’s, who seemed very nice, but I liked to play with Mr. Rose, and we are not a cuckold couple, so I never thought a play date with any of them was on the cards. However, she invited me out with a girlfriend of hers and one of her Bull’s that was in town from the States, Mr. Rose was away on business and wanted me to go have fun, so I went.

The four of us went out in downtown Vancouver, to be fair I didn’t think I stood a chance of getting near this, tall dark handsome, confident, masculine specimen of a man as the lovely friend of the cuckoldress could not keep her hands of this man in the club, I thought she would start fucking him right there in the middle of the crowd at one point.

The night drew to a close and it was time to ride back to the hotel, and I got to ride in the back of the car with this very fine man. I text Mr. Rose to tell him where the night was up to, and he told me to take out, let’s call him David, David’s Cock and see if I wanted it at all tonight. Oh man, it was impressive, long, not as thick as I had expected but long and smooth and perfect in shape. Not too threatening but certainly made me wonder where I would fit it all. Mr. Rose then text and told me to taste and suck that cock, the girls in the front were wanting met to do that too, so, like a good girl, that is what I did.

I took this perfect cock which was longer than my two hands grasping it together and licked the tip, hmm it tasted good, so slowly moving my mouth over the end swirling my tongue all over it before seeing how much I could take in my mouth, it was exquisite, David moaned a little, pushed forward, wanting more of my mouth round him, I teased and kissed, then sucked and pulled a little , twisting with my hands, I could feel how aroused he was and I was getting wetter the more I sucked at his cock. Our friend was watching, wishing shed sat in the back but was looking forward to tasting him too, I could hear her breathing increase. Cuckoldress was laughing telling us both that she told us he had a perfect cock we’d both want. She was not wrong; I knew I wasn’t going home for a while now. Before arriving at the hotel, I noticed for a second, we’d stopped at a shop, I say a second as I was too. Enthralled with this penis from heaven that I did not care that people saw, or walked past whilst I was giving a freaking amazing blow job in the back of the car, David certainly didn’t, he was clearly enjoying this, as the movements and noises he made, were just perfect as well, making me want to suck harder and faster and have his cum explode in my face, however , we reached the hotel, and the four of us headed up to the room, where the night continued.

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