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Sex is about connection, humans crave connection, w3e are just built that way, but what happens when your advances get turned down, after what you thought was a good intro or a fair amount of time, or you were friends and you wanted to move to the next level,

Being told no is never nice, always a little crummy, but is it a little sting to the ego ? Or is it soul-crushing?

Everyone will get turned down at some point in their dating and/or lifestyle journey, but don’t have a temper tantrum and act all Butt hurt when you do !

I had this experience personally recently and the messages I received for distancing myself totally consolidated my decision to do just that. There was no doubt in my mind i had made the right decision for myself and Mr Rose moving forward, as the childish demands for explanations and dumfuckery of the message was like a toddler throwing their toys out of the pram.

Now I'm not saying I haven't been disappointed to be turned down myself, the ghosting that happens in the lifestyle space is just as annoying if not more than being told no. But I think I prefer the no, or the politeness of people who have been in our life stating that they have moved on, and we can be friends, but no longer sex friends. I had the most amazing rejection message the other week, the guy of a couple connected with me on an app, however after a brief conversation, I was told we weren't a match for his partner, but it was done in such a polite way, with a nice message of good luck in finding what you're looking for. it's so sad that I was shocked by this and actually disappointed that we weren't a match. That disappointment was due to the fact that he had the decency to say no, and not just disconnect. He was respectful.

This is how I try to be as well, so after telling someone I had been chatting with for a while that I don't think we were a match and think we were on different wavelengths following getting to know one another a little better, and everything over Covid, I was not expecting demanding texts, on why I was no longer interested. I was dumbfounded. but like I said, not actually surprised as we are very different people, and just confirmed my decision not to pursue a playmate relationship.

That said, I will continue to be polite and let people know where they stand, despite their reactions to it, and hope that more people do the same to me and Mr Rose. We all have busy lives outside the lifestyle and don't need added hassle factors. this is supposed to be a fun addition for us all. Let's keep it that way.

Love Lana

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