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Just thought i'd put it out there that i'll be starting my podcast soon, discussing all things non monogamous, swinging, hot wifing, and anything else that comes up in the lifestyle whether i'm into it myself or not.

Some episodes could just be me rambling on about different aspects of starting out in the lifestyle and the different connotations some people go through, differing views on rules, and polyamory, bisexuality, kink and more. I also hope to discuss over time some of the issues that have been raised regarding this choice of lifestyle such as trust , jealousy and struggling with boundaries, everyone has a different feeling on these so it would be good to explore especially if your are just starting out along this path. and I welcome insights from others who may be more seasoned than myself.

However the most fun feature I am going to offer is some of the juicy stories of my adventures with and without Mr Rose, just writing some of them down to get them into words, and not just memories has made me so hot and steamy, there are now more new stories to share which was a very unexpected but very welcome side affect from starting this little adventure sharing project. some I will share on the public podcast but others I will retain to Patreon , with teasers to entice you.

I'm looking forward to you listening in and hearing all about topics that mean so much to myself and Mr Rose, as well as some added steamy pictures to go along from time to time.

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