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Achieving and controlling your orgasm- sounds simple right? wrong

Orgasm control mystifies both men and women, having them on control seems to be a common desire. Can it be done alone or with a partner? Obviously everyone is different, but like most things in life it takes learning and practice, and possibly, doing something you didn’t think you’d be interested in ……edging!!

Taking yourself to the edge of your orgasm, several times prior to reaching full climax.

Ok, let’s think about his, women in general can achieve orgasm on their own much easier than with a man, 90% of the time in fact research says, so while you are spending some ‘alone’ time , learn to hold back ladies , get to that sweet spot and hold back a few times, then allow yourself the release, you’ll gain much more control over your ability to orgasms exactly when you desire.

Men use this technique more so to prologue the time prior to orgasms and make the sensations of sexual activity and the orgasm more intense, as well as being a gentleman to their lady, providing extra pleasure and time.

Edging will help you better understand yourself, get to know what you like, believe me the results are succulent to say the least.

We still do not know much about the orgasms itself, the function and value of it is studied quite often in research, there is plenty of speculation for sure, and it is a near universal human phenomenon. Although there are reports of between 5-10percent of women being anorgasmic, unable to reach orgasm at all. That does not mean that they don’t enjoy sexual intimacy and practice.

Much research has gone into the orgasm, and I will review a couple of the papers I found in my podcast, but what seems to be a theme is the feeling of loss of control individuals report in these studies during an orgasm. An altered state of consciousness is described. Now, is that the side effect of an orgasm or is it necessary to achieve pleasure? Can people who cannot switch off and let go, be precluded form orgasms due to this inability of the mind? Why can some people orgasm on their own but not with others.? There is so much to think about with regards to something that is deemed a natural bodily function.

We can get caught up during sexual acts at times, on the orgasm, forgetting the pleasure that precedes it during the interactions and play.

As with a lot of research and anything in life really there are contradictory theories out there, I am so glad that sexual research is becoming more mainstream and receiving the funding and recognition it requires.

I have found articles where watching porn and edging are said to be bad for you due to increased dopamine levels, which cause unnatural high and build tolerance essentially trashing your brain ……. Well, I’m not convinced at all by this theory, but it’s definitely interesting reading.