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Don't Yuk their Yum - Foot Fetishes

Fetish and Kink can be interchanged when discussing sexual preferences however there are some key psychological differences when we look at them in a more scientific light.

Kink should be thought of as a broader term to describe alternative sexual fantasies, desires or interests, which can be preferential. However, a fetish is a fixation on a specific object, activity or body part that becomes so necessary to the individual for sexual gratification and satisfaction.

Fetish for feet can be called many things, including worship, and partialism, where you are aroused by a certain body part. It’s deemed by researchers as a paraphilia, where the individual’s sexual arousal and satisfaction depend on the fantasy of a specific thing.

Feet specifically is known as podophilia, with academic studies showing that the feet and foot accessory are the most fetishized of all non-genital body parts.

Freud wrongly as we now know claimed sexualizing feet was due to them resembling penises, other psychologists have suggested they resemble the female form. ,

1 in 7 people is said to have fantasized about feet in one way or another, at last, once in their lives. And there are some infamous people who have allegedly done this. Singer Elvis Presley, pop artist Andy Warhol, author and adventure Casanova, serial killer ted Bundy and novelist and pet Thomas hardy, there are probably many more we don’t know of too.

So, I will take a Look at some of the scientific research around foot fetishes, and discuss them, enjoy!! My podcast episode will be released Friday.October 16th.

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Love Lana

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