Dick Pics

While camping with my good friend 'wings' and her husband, we got onto the topic of Dick Pics, and how funny they sometimes can be, obviously we both agreed as do many of us women, even in the lifestyle space under the ENM Umbrella, still prefer to receive consensual Dick pics, i.e. be asked or ask for them. But even then, some are not taken in the best way possible, we discussed ideas on how to the best picture, there are some hints out there to make them better which I will share on my upcoming episode of the podcast, but thought this little picture demonstration by myself and Mr Rose may bring a laugh to your day!

As you can see during this camping adventure in the summer, we had an amazing piece of meat ( sorry for all the vegetarians and vegans, no offence meant ) and we wanted to share its enormity. And we had a photo competition, so this first one, I took. thinking it would be a great showing of this amazing steak but no, Mr Rose, used his picture-taking skills to his advantage and took a much better version, showing it off in all its excellence. Take a look at the second picture he took! he said it's all in the angles, so I guess you guys do have more practice in getting good angles for decent pictures. Listen to my episode on Dick pics to get more hints and tips.

Love Lana

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