80"s Porn star Tan Lines

Updated: Jul 5, 2021

Who doesn't like them?

I'm sure there are some that don't like avocados they are not for everyone but come on, how could you not resist the crisp lines across a woman's breasts with small triangles, and thong lines from behind.

My choice of tan line producers are the wicked weasel range, just enough cover to keep some mystery, without the mystery, if you've ever seen them you know. If you've never come across them maybe you need to access my weasel gallery.

I know I guess they are not really 80's porn star tan lines, as there isn't the high waster cheeky bottoms , these are more micro minimus, however , the thought of your gorgeous woman sunbathing with enough out on show to entice others to look, lust and be enticed by what you have and they don't can be thrilling. Knowing that you get to see whats underneath, how to make those nipples hard and pussy wet with anticipation.

Cocktails by the pool or on the beach will never feel the same.

However I'm sure you're not here for the review, so i'll leave this here, just to tease, and leave you wanting, thinking of those hot summer days, basking all that is Lana Rose, leading to seductive nights with sexy white tan lines, from my pale alabaster English skin.

Love Lana

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