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All About me

Sexy British Hotwife, PhD Student living in Vancouver Canada. 

Loving and living life to the maximum I can between the vanilla, school and sexy worlds I find myself in. 

I like to post sexy pictures and videos, some vanilla, some kinky. uncensored offerings can be seen with membership or purchases. But I'll try and entice your imagination. 

My Podcast will contain stories of my adventures, and navigation through this lifestyle, with and without Mr Rose. Discussions on different aspects of the swinging and non-monogonous lifestyle with perhaps some nerdy science talk thrown in there occasionally. Don't worry, I'll keep the science short and sweet and on topic.

Don't persist in asking to meet, If I want to, I'll contact you, and Mr Rose and I have profiles on many of the outstanding websites out there to enable that. 

Gifts as donations are always welcome and very much appreciated, no matter how big or small, and will send personalised thank you messages to all. 

Image by Sam Field
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Merchandise for everyday

Want to take a little of me with you, then order some of these everyday items, with my designs.

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